Photography & Videography Bundle Pricing in Vancouver

Our combined Photography & Videography packages offer a comprehensive and seamless way to encapsulate your wedding day, ensuring that every nuance is beautifully captured.

  • Silver Elegance Package
  • $ 3000 8 hour
  • - Up to 8 hours of combined photography and videography coverage on your wedding day
    - One professional photographer and one videographer to capture the essence of your day
    - Cinematic highlight reel (5-7 minutes) capturing the key moments of your wedding
    - Over 1000 high-resolution digital photos delivered in an elegant online gallery
    - Edited video footage with music and natural audio
    - Drone footage for breathtaking aerial perspectives
    - Additional hours of coverage available
    - Instagram teaser (30-60 seconds) for sharing online
  • Golden Bliss Package
  • $ 5500 Unlimited
  • - Unlimited hours of combined photography and videography coverage to ensure no moment is missed
    - One professional photographers and videographers for comprehensive coverage
    - Cinematic highlight reel (12-15 minutes) with an artistic storytelling approach
    - Over 1500 high-resolution digital photos delivered in a personalized online gallery
    - Edited video footage with personalized music, voiceovers, and cinematic effects
    - Full-length documentary edit (90-120 minutes) capturing every intricate detail and heartfelt emotion
    - Social media teaser and online gallery for easy sharing
    - Luxury custom-designed keepsake box with a USB drive
    - Love story video shoot to narrate your journey
    - Post-wedding interview with the couple to capture your thoughts and emotions

Pricing Wedding Photography Prices in Vancouver

  • Customizable Package
  • $ 200+ per/hours
  • The "Fully Customizable Package" offers complete control and flexibility, allowing you to create your dream event by handpicking every aspect to match your preferences and needs. Contact us for a personalized quote and turn your imagination into reality with this package.
  • Basic Bliss Package
  • $ 1500 4 hours
    • – Over 600 Successful Photo
    • – 4 Hours Coverage With 1 Photographer
    • – Personalized Online Gallery
    • – Individual Editing for All Photo
    • – Pre-Event Consultation Session
    • – 8 Weeks Delivery Time for Receiving Images
  • Silver Shutter Package
  • $ 1900 8 hours
    • – Over 1500 Successful Photo
    • – 8 Hours Coverage With 1 Photographer
    • – Personalized Online Gallery
    • – Individual Editing for All Photo
    • – Pre-Event Consultation Session
    • – 8 Weeks Delivery Time for Receiving Images
    • – Complete Privacy If You Need It
  • Golden Glow Package
  • $ 3500 12 hours
    • – Over 2000 Successful Photo
    • – Personalized Online Gallery
    • – Premium Wedding Photo Books
    • – Individual Editing for All Photo
    • – Pre-Event Consultation Session
    • – 8 Weeks Delivery Time for Receiving Images
    • – Complete Privacy If You Need It

Engagement & Pre-Wedding Photography Prices in Vancouver

Preserve the enchanting tale of your love story through our Engagement & Pre-Wedding Photography. Our skilled photographers provide tailor-made packages to elegantly capture the moments before your grand day. Reach out for competitive pricing details and craft timeless memories of your extraordinary journey as a couple.

  • Classic Romance
  • $ 450 2 hour
  • - 100+ Successful Photo
    - 2-hour photoshoot at one location in Toronto
    - Individual Editing for All Photo
    - Online gallery for easy viewing and sharing

  • Urban Love Story
  • $ 800 4 hours
  • - 150+ Successful Photo
    - 4-hour photoshoot at up to two locations in Toronto
    - Individual Editing for All Photo
    - Personalized online gallery for easy viewing and sharing

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    Our passion lies in wedding photography, where we embark on a creative journey to document your special day in Vancouver. From the initial moments of preparation to the heartfelt ceremony, lively reception, and everything in between, we are devoted to capturing all the significant moments and intricate details that make your wedding day truly unforgettable. With a keen eye for emotions and an artistic approach, we weave together a visual narrative that tells your unique love story.



    Our team of skilled editors possesses an unwavering commitment to excellence. Each photograph undergoes a meticulous process of processing and editing, ensuring that they meet our high standards of quality and aesthetics. We delicately enhance colors, fine-tune lighting, and apply subtle retouching techniques when necessary, resulting in a polished and cohesive collection of photographs that radiate timeless perfection.



    Upon completion of the editing process, we present you with a captivating collection of high-resolution digital images that perfectly encapsulate the essence and beauty of your Vancouver wedding day. These images are meticulously crafted to showcase the emotions, connections, and breathtaking details that make your celebration truly extraordinary. With these digital treasures in your possession, you can relive the joyous moments and share the magic with your loved ones.



    We understand the importance of preserving your wedding memories in a tangible and timeless manner. To elevate the storytelling experience, we offer a selection of professionally designed albums and prints. From elegantly crafted albums that beautifully unfold your love story to stunning wall prints that transform your favorite photographs into captivating art pieces, our range of options allows you to cherish and share your cherished moments in a stunning and personalized presentation.

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    Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Vancouver’s wedding splendor with our dedicated team of Vancouver Wedding Photographers. Trust us to capture the essence of your love story, preserving it for generations to come. Book your wedding photography experience today and embark on a journey filled with timeless beauty, heartfelt emotions, and cherished memories.


    Visit our website at to explore our portfolio, learn about our services tailored specifically for Vancouver couples, and read testimonials from our delighted clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us bring your unique Vancouver wedding vision to life through our lens. Together, we will create an extraordinary tapestry of love amidst the captivating splendor of Vancouver.