Importance of Tent Size

Choosing the right tent size for your Vancouver wedding isn’t just about aesthetics — it directly affects the comfort and experience of your guests. If a tent is too small, guests might feel cramped. However, if it’s too big, the event may lack warmth and intimacy.

Determining the Right Size for You

The rule of thumb is generally to account for 10-12 square feet per guest. Yet, other factors, like the inclusion of a dance floor or buffet tables, can adjust this estimate.

Tent Sizes Based on Guest Count

Tents for 20 Wedding Guests

For 20 guests, you’re looking at a tent size of around 200-240 square feet. This ensures that everyone has adequate space to move around.

Tents for 30 Wedding Guests

A tent size of about 300-360 square feet will comfortably accommodate 30 guests. Remember to factor in extra space if you’re having an elaborate seating arrangement.

Tents for 50 Wedding Guests

For half a century of attendees, a 500-600 square foot tent is ideal. It provides sufficient space for guests, tables, and movement.

Tents for 100 Wedding Guests

For larger weddings of 100 guests, a tent size of 1,000-1,200 square feet will ensure everyone feels comfortable. Think about the layout to avoid congestion.

Tents for 150 Wedding Guests

If you’re expecting 150 guests, consider a tent around 1,500-1,800 square feet. Remember, the bigger the guest list, the more space you’ll need for amenities.

Tents for 200 Wedding Guests

For grand weddings with 200 attendees, aim for a tent that’s approximately 2,000-2,400 square feet. This will provide ample space for all aspects of your event.

Number of GuestsTent Size (Square Feet)Tent Dimensions (Length x Width, Feet)Additional Notes
20200-24020×10 to 24×10Suitable for intimate gatherings
30300-36030×10 to 36×10Factor in extra space for elaborate seating
50500-60025×20 to 30×20Adequate space for tables and movement
1001,000-1,20050×20 to 60×20Consider layout to avoid congestion
1501,500-1,80050×30 to 60×30More space needed for amenities
2002,000-2,40050×40 to 60×40Ample space for all aspects of the event

Additional Factors Affecting Tent Size

Dance Floors, Stages, and Buffets

Have you planned for a dance floor or a live band? Perhaps a buffet line? These can take up significant space. Always factor these in when deciding on tent size.

Weather Considerations

Rainy Days in Vancouver

Vancouver, renowned for its occasional drizzles, might require sidewalls for your tent, which can affect its overall size.

Summer Heat

If it’s a summer wedding, ensure you’ve got enough space for fans or even portable AC units.

Final Thoughts on Tent Sizing


Planning a wedding in Vancouver comes with its unique challenges, especially when deciding on tent sizes. By understanding your guest count and factoring in additional requirements, you can create a memorable and comfortable experience for everyone.


  1. How much space do I need per guest for a wedding tent in Vancouver? Typically, you’d need 10-12 square feet per guest.
  2. Does the tent size recommendation change with weather conditions? Yes, if you expect rain, consider adding sidewalls, which can affect the overall size.
  3. What if I want a dance floor or buffet area? Always account for these when determining tent size—they can take up significant space.
  4. Do I need to get a bigger tent for summer weddings? It’s wise to account for space for fans or AC units during the summer months.
  5. Are there specific tent rental companies in Vancouver you recommend? There are several reputable companies. It’s best to read reviews and get quotes from multiple vendors.